It’s not all about the money!

It’s not all about the money.  Money, however, does give you more options and if anyone who thinks otherwise is kidding themselves. It’s the way the world works right now. We have the technology for 90% of humans to live a life they want and not have to work 40 to 60 plus hours a […]

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Introduction To Cryptocurrencies

There’s a lot of buzz around cryptocurrencies right now, and no wonder because it’s changing the world in a big way. But what is ‘crypto’, and what opportunities are available to you right now? So to help you get started, I’ve recorded a 4-part video series. In this first first video you’ll discover: > A brief […]

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How To Find Wholesale Investments

For years I have been studying the wealthy and what the wealthy do that is different from the rest of us. One of the things they do is they look for and buy wholesale investments. The Wealthy continually look to buy and are prepared to wait for the right investments to add to their portfolios. […]

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