Wealth Acceleration Workshop - January 28th 2023

Join us at our 6-Hour Online workshop to gain The clarity and confidence Required to make better, safer and stress free financial decisions. 



(AUD $295)


  • How to gain clarity and confidence to make better investing decisions
  • Understand the six key areas of the Financial Independence Formula.
  • How to build your perfect portfolio that will generate a lifetime of income.

DATE: Saturday, 28th January

VENUE: Online via Zoom

TIME: 6:00am (Sydney) 
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Wealthy People are
Different than You

What's the difference between the wealthy and you?

It's probably not what you think...it's actually two simple points:


The rich aren't better than you... they just spend time on the education that wasn't shared at school.


  • How to create multiple streams of income that require very little of their time
  • How to use the leverage of other people's time, knowledge and money without personal risk. 
  • How to legally reduce your tax burden and use the power of compounding to accelerate wealth
  • How to control money better when they receive it and what the do to multiply it over and over.

And what to do with their cashflow to build, grow and accelerate wealth so that becoming financially independent is a given.

ONly the rich truly understand just how powerful this information is when combined with action

What's it really worth to change how you think about and act with money?

The rich know it's not just about the most powerful thing you can do to change your financial future...

It's the ONLY thing.

Why? Because they live the results every day.

As Mark Robinson, CEO and multiple streams of passive income expert, reveals in his session

With over 141 ways to produce streams of income online alone, there is no better time than to help yourself and build a financially secure future for you and your family."

What does that mean for you?

It means: If you haven't "made it" yet... it's not your fault.

It's not because your are lazy or stupid...It's because no one ever showed you how.

The Wealth Acceleration Workshop is a private, invitation only event that contains actionable information and cutting edge innovations that empower you to achieve any level of financial independence you desire...

and Today you can access the event, priority access and the recordings for a low investment 

And receive $997 in FREE bonuses... 

What Do You Get When You join us for A content rich day?

The best thing about  being in the room at the event interacting with like minded people, is the speed of insight and answers to questions you may have.  Each session is structured so you have time to ask the experts questions and get the answers you need to invest with confidence. 

Learn The Latest Wealth Building
Secrets from Our Leading Experts:

Join The International Academy of Wealth's COO Paulina Roach and Founders, Mark and Billie Robinson

for a content-rich workshop, helping you take action and build wealth.

As a shareholder and full-time investor with The International Academy of Wealth my partner, Tyral and I actively manage a growing portfolio that spans a cross-section of the wealth pyramid. I look forward to sharing my insights to cashflow investing and money rules with you.

Paulina Roach

Paulina Roach

COO, Investor

We created The International Academy of Wealth to present different perspectives and ways of thinking to your wealth education, so you can design a personal plan to grow your wealth and accelerate your financial independence.

Mark and Billie Robinson

Founders, The International Academy of Wealth

Session #1 - Foundations

  • Understanding the six key areas of the Financial Independence formula and the steps to tailor your own step by step financial independence plan.
  • Introduction to the Ultimate Wealth Acceleration Plan and how to use this powerful tool.
  • We all have goals, but what do they cost to achieve? Learn how you can work out what your future life will look like and what you can do to achieve it.
  • Understanding your Financial Freedom Point and the difference between it and Financial Independence.  We step you through the calculations.
  •  Build your future life your way. One that will give you the confidence that you will achieve the life you deserve.

Session #2 - Financial House & Money Rules

  • All successful investors have money rules. We'll show you how you can quickly create yours and teach you how and when to apply them.
  • What you need to strengthen your financial house. Why it is important and where in your financial house that could be holding you back. 
  • Formulate your Debt control plan, specific to your personal situation.
  • Introduction to Banking and Speed savings. We share some of our best kept secrets that will speed up your ability to invest no matter where you are starting from. 
  • Review what we have learned so far and ensure that you can implement the steps easily, ready for when you get home.

Session #3 - Perfect Portfolio

  • How to build your perfect portfolio that will generate a lifetime of passive income.
  • The Wealth Pyramid, what is it and how you can build your own?
  • Scenario Builder, you are going to be shown scenarios and how to replicate similar ones into your portfolio.
  • Multiple streams of income.  You will be shown step by step how to identify an income stream or asset and how to add it into your perfect portfolio.

Session #4 - 50 Grand Plan

  • I will show you three examples of how you can turn $50k into an income stream of $8k, $11, or $15k per month in just 18 months.
  • Step by step, month by month. Watch the income increase each month.
  • Know exactly what you need to do to put this plan into action.

Session #5 - DFY Investing Opportunities

  • OK, now we are getting to the exciting part. The making money sessions. BUT without the ones, before you will quickly lose all these new gains.
  • We will share a mix of done for you, done with you and do it yourself strategies you can start straight away.
  • One website that will give you their money to trade with.
  • How to profit from the AI revolution.

Session #6 - Crypto Currencies

  • Nine ways to create cashflow with crypto.
  • Understand that you no longer must do it by yourself.
  • Experts are willing to collaborate with you.
  • What are your next steps to take so you gain the clarity and confidence to build your financial independence plan.

What Would You Do
If Money Were No Object?


  • What would your life be like if money were not a problem?
  • How would you spend your time?
  • Where would you spend your time? Who would you spend it with?

It's not about money—it's about independence.

  • It's about living your life's purpose. 
  • Achieving all that you can with all that you've got. 
  • Proving to yourself that you can do it.

That's why we are releasing these recordings when you join us at the workshop

  • We're urging you to own the recordings, so you can watch and implement the lessons over and over again.
  • Reinforce the lessons we share deep into your brain - so it becomes a part of you.
  • Build your life your way.


Saturday, 28th January 2023 - 6:00am Sydney Time
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