It’s not all about the money!

It’s not all about the money.  Money, however, does give you more options and if anyone who thinks otherwise is kidding themselves. It’s the way the world works right now. We have the technology for 90% of humans to live a life they want and not have to work 40 to 60 plus hours a week for 60 years.

I love the idea of a universal basic income.  However, the consciousness of the planet is just not there yet.  I can see people abusing the system instead of improving the system.  One of the sessions I speak about at our events is the five C’s of future investments.  One of them is community and another is collaboration.  Both are needed I believe for quality successful investments moving forward.  Both are also needed for so many other things not related to wealth throughout the world. Our current system is broken and we need a better one. The old system will not give up power lightly. Bits of a better system are highlighted in a number of areas. From block chain, financial apps.  To professional traders trading for us and peer to peer lending. WHEN we can put these all together in a simple format, then we can become truly independent of the system and be able to help 90% of the planet. Humans are not perfect, it’s what makes us humans.  It’s why I think 90% would be the highest we could get at best.

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Mark Robinson

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