>> Thursday, 19th January <<

Money Mastery Masterclass
With Mark and Billie Robinson

Mark and Billie Robinson

By attending this 90-minute masterclass you will...

  • Learn to master your money in these uncertain times.
  • When you master your money you will learn how to spend less time at work and more doing what you want.
  • Learn how to build a portfolio that will create freedom and independence for you and your family.
  • How to reduce the stresses of financial decisions.

Join us via Zoom on Thursday, 19th January:

6:00pm Sydney | 8:00pm New Zealand  
7:00am London | 9:00am Cape Town

Reserve your seat today! Money Mastery Masterclass
Thursday, 19th January

6:00pm Sydney | 8:00pm Auckland | 7:00am London | 9:00am Cape Town
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If you would like specific advice to your personal circumstances, we urge you to seek advice from a financial professional who has actually achieved the results you are looking to achieve. We also urge you to always do your own research (DYOR) and due diligence (DD). Never blindly take action on what we, or anyone, says or reports. Always remember: “What is good for them, may not be good for you”. The reality is, you can lose money when investing. You may lose your entire capital, we have, others have. There are no sure things when it comes to investing, that is the reality. The fact of the matter is, if you don’t start investing you may not have enough money when it comes time to retirement. It is never more important than right now to get yourself educated on the types of Investments available, DYOR to find specific investments that will suit you. Take control of your future, your money, your choices. You will make smarter, more educated and ultimately more profitable decisions with your investing.

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