Goal setting, sets you up for success

There is one easy rule that will have you on the right path to achieve success. It is seriously a very simple rule, most people have heard about it, but still 95% of people do not do it, and fail in attaining their goals. Quite simply it is Formulate specific, clear, and timely goals and write them down. Either on paper or on your computer, just get them down. Simple, right? And yet there are still many people out there who just don’t do this and are not achieving the success that they wish.

Before I continue, I would like to point out I do not know your personal situation, so I cannot say whether what you read here will help you. As always, I suggest you get independent advice from a qualified professional who can look at your personal and current situation and tailor a plan for you. We understand that finances, money, and goal setting is very personal and can be a sensitive topic, this can be due to some earning more than others, or be further along in their journey. That is ok. Just like with everything we are all different.

When you are not clearly defining your desired objectives and goals, you will not achieve their success. Well, you may have somewhat success but not the high level you truly desire. That is just my opinion. Us personally, we are always clearly writing our goals, reviewing them, and setting new ones throughout the year. We have done this for many years now. It works for us. There are many different formulas out there for writing goals. At the Academy we use our own formula of SMARTER & CLASSY goals. But there are others out there for example the better known SMART goals, which is widely used by those who set and write down their goals. Another of our favourites is CREATE goals. The best thing we suggest is if you are new to goal setting do a google search to find the right formula for you. One thing most goal setting formula’s have in common is that you have to be clear and concise with your goal. Don’t be too vague, just be clear.

But it is not just the act of setting goals and writing them down that will ensure your success. Yes, it will give you a clear vision of what you are going to achieve, but if that is all you do then that is all you’ll have ‘clear goals, written down’. The next major and rather important step is the work on them, set action steps, and actually do those action steps. One of our favourite quotes is “Even if you are on the right track, you will get run over if you just sit there” – Will Rogers.  And he is right, you have to get up and move to get to where you want to go.

In wealth creation it is just as important as in everything to have your goals clearly written with your action steps clearly defined. For example, stating “I want a hundred thousand dollars”, is not a clearly defined goal. Clearly write it. State you want a hundred thousand dollars of income coming in (if not clear on this, you could end up with debt and not income), state where the income is going to come from, by when (date) do you want this to be achieved, and what action steps you need to do get this goal to success.

Do you see where I am coming from? Great! Now to finish off, by having your goals clearly written down and clear action steps set out, you can check in with them regularly to see if you are on track and ticking things off. If not, it is a good way to adjust what you are doing set yourself straight again.



Mark Robinson

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