5 Powerful Levels Of Wealth To Move You From Slavery to Freedom

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Did you know that ten years ago I was broke, So broke in fact that my wife Billie (very pregnant at the time) and I could not pay for a trolley full of groceries. That week I could not feed my family, and it was the lowest point in our lives. Nothing is worst than not being able to support your family. I vowed from that day in the supermarket I would learn the secrets of the rich, apply them and then teach everyone I know.

Here I am, now teaching others to escape from slavery.

That’s right slavery!!

Like a mad man, I studied everything and came up with the 5 Powerful Levels of Wealth, and I want to share them with you.

Level 1 The Slave:

The slave is one who still trades time for money, has a job they either like or dislike. Live week to week or above their means. They have no passive income and no savings, so when the shit hits the fan, they a literally up the creek without a paddle. These people tend to think that the Government should save them and partake in conversations about wealth distribution. Slaves look for a handout and not a hand up and look for the easy way out. Let me save you some time THERE IS NO EASY WAY OUT.


Level 2 The Spectator:

The Spectator starts to realise there has to be a better way than the 9-5 grind and starts to read books and listen to webinars and learning what needs to be done. As they start on this path, they do one of two things. They do nothing with the knowledge, or they go out and buy one or two investments without doing Due Diligence. They usually end up losing money without realising what they have done. Then they go spouting their knowledge to everyone they know as an expert. A Know-It-All can be very dangerous. Still better than a slave but can end up in the shit if not careful.


Level 3 The Committed:

The Level 3’s are my favourite they will do whatever it takes to get where they need to go. They are ready for the grind and do the work including the sometimes annoying task of due diligence. They do they work and get rewards fo it and start to make a passive income. They set and achieve goals they are moving to a new future, and they are done with being a slave and a spectator. No more dabbling shit gets real.


Level 4 The Active Wealthy:

The Active Wealthy are becoming community leaders, they now have multiple streams of income even though they might not be able to their jobs or businesses yet they are well on their way. They provide a lot of value to the community around them and enjoy helping the community out. The Active Wealthy is enjoying their lives more and knows that they will soon be free.


Level 5 The Passive-Active Wealthy

Here live the people who have more income than their expenses. They can quit their jobs or take a less active role in their business, have more leisure time and still have full control over their investments. They know where their money is coming from, where the money is going. These people get the opportunities to get into the great investments and get to be part of the community projects that uplift and inspire the people around them.


I knew I had to level 5;   I knew I had to lead my community to a better way. That is why at The Wealth Game our goal is to get you to level 5 and out of the system. The System is f**ked, to say the least, and I’m here to coach you out of it.



Mark Robinson


Mark Robinson

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