Want To Go From Broke To Rich? This 1 Simple Strategy Will Get You On Your Way

Hey Guys,

Many years ago, my family and I were broke. So, broke we couldn’t feed ourselves as we couldn’t even afford to pay for the groceries. The day that happened was the biggest gift of my life. That was the day I made the decision to never again be without money.

That was the day we opened a Wealth Account.

“What is the f**K a wealth account”, you say?

It is an account you put a percentage of your income away.

Which you can only use for investing

It’s an account that will save your financial life.

Your one and only job for today is to OPEN ONE!

It is such a simple strategy that skyrocketed Billie and me to levels of wealth that we have never seen. It is super fun to watch it grow and most importantly it taught us to respect out money.

Here is how to Open one and create your Wealth Account to be a huge success for you.

1. You need to open an account it does no matter where!.

That is because it is more important to get started than it is to worry about what interest rate you’re getting. All the interest rates are crap right now. It is about getting you into the habit of saving and putting money aside for your future. Just Open the F**king Account!!!

 2. Make it as difficult as possible for you to get to the money

Make sure this account is not linked to any credit or debit card you may have. That means when you’re out shopping and you see that video game or a pair of shoes there is no way you can use that money without having to go into a branch to do so. You need to make it as hard as possible for you to get to it. It’s your Stop Loss Feature. That way you know you have it for your future investments.

3. Work out what percentage of income or dollar amount you can put aside.

I don’t care whether you can put 10% of your income or $5 aside make sure that no matter how much revenue comes in you put something aside for your future. It doesn’t matter if you save $5 or $500 you need to do what you can do. Once you know what you can afford to put aside, set up an automatic process so you can have the money immediately deducted from your account as soon as your pay or investments come in and put into your wealth account without even missing the money. It’s that simple.
Once you can prove that you can save 1k of dollars give us a call at the wealth game and we can help you with the next step.


Mark Robinson
Founder of Winning the Wealth Game

Mark Robinson

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