The 1 Step Solution To Stop Runaway Thoughts And Get Back To Centered and Calm

Hello Everyone!!!

As a mindset coach, I am constantly asked: “how do I stop the thoughts in my mind from taking over?”.

It’s the easiest answer but probably the hardest thing to do…just thank them and send them on their way.

On the weekend while faced with some major decisions my mind & thoughts were racing, keeping me awake for hours and not letting up at all.

In all of this, I actually discovered a new strategy that has tidied up my thoughts and cleared my mind so I could concentrate and focus on one thing at a time.

I have also had 3 amazing nights of sleep (all night) since I discovered this method.

What was happening was with my current full/overloaded/cluttered mind I’m “trying” to thank those thoughts and let them go.

My mind goes yeah great idea but none of them are moving or even listening to me and they’re multiplying and getting stronger and stronger.

They’re taking no notice of this unstructured/confused voice inside my head.

Then a little man popped into the front of my mind and gave himself the job of clearing out my thoughts.

I unintentionally outsourced the job of acknowledgment and letting go to another part of myself.

He’s amazing, he’s dressed like a Bellhop in a 5 star hotel but behaves more like the concierge and greets the thoughts as they come – and sometimes before they even get a chance to be a thought – thanks them for showing up and moves them along, keeping the front of my mind (the foyer) clear of any clutter.

Each night before bed I check in with him to ensure he’s ready for night shift so if I do wake up in the middle of the night, he’s on and ready to move the thoughts along quick smart so I can easily get back off to sleep.

After weeks of broken sleep nights, the last 3 nights have been the best sleep I’ve had in such a long time.

For all of you who have the same issue of cluttered thoughts and distracted/unstructured minds, outsource the task of keeping it clear to another part of you so you can get on with your day and night and keep focussed on the important stuff.

Hope this helps,

IAW Team


Mark Robinson

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