Do Not Invest Another Dollar Until You Have Done These 3 Things

Have you ever invested in a managed fund or a bought a stock or put money into a business but you didn’t really feel good about it? But felt like you had to, so you could meet your financial goals and have a secure retirement?

If you answered Yes to that question you are not alone!

Most of us haveĀ invested in something we have not felt great about or compromised our values as a person to invest in something which promised us a secure financial future.

I’m here to tell you can become prosperous by investing in exactly what you want without compromising who you are as a person.

Here is How To Do It…

What Do You Resonate With?

Do you care about renewable energy? Investing in companies who are finding new ways to innovate with food supply or clean water? Do you care about housing and want to invest in property? Do you love businesses that have a philanthropic cause? Do you just love investing for the sake of investing?

If you know what you care about you are far more likely to have an invested interest in watching, researching and understanding the market. Why? Because your heart is in it. When your heart is invested in a particular cause or you love what you do you have a higher vested interest in having a great outcome.

Keep Your Standards

When you start investing you begin to realise that there are so many opportunities out there that it’s easy to get excited and lose your focus on your goals. Opportunities will come and go but your standards and morals are not something to be compromised on. This is why your Money Rules are very important. They will guide you when it comes to investing and opportunities that come your way. They will give you boundaries around what you will and what you won’t invest in.

Keep Your Cool

It’s so exciting when the right opportunity falls into your lap and it’s easy to get carried away. Your Money Rules will allow you to keep your head and your heart straight and allow you to get on with doing your Due Diligence. Especially if you are investing a lot of money into a business, start-up or property or shares. Make sure you do it otherwise you can run into a lot of trouble and lose a lot of money.

That’s all there is to it. Keep it simple and you will always be investing and always moving forward.

Your Friend,
IAW Team

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Mark Robinson

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