Medical Marijuana: Why You Need To Invest Now!!!!

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I get so excited when new markets become available to invest. That’s why I’m so excited to blog about Medical Marijuana. Not only because it is going to help thousands of people to manage a variety of health conditions and control their pain, but Medical Marijuana industry is also expected to create more than a quarter of a million jobs by 2020 (in the US) according to a report from New Frontier Data.

Why Medical Marijuana:

Marijuana has been made legal and sold in 29 states in America, and more states are expecting to legalise it for medical use, and some are looking at reducing the laws for recreational use. This means that the industry is projected to grow at a compound rate of 17% which is huge.  Medical Marijuana sales are expected to increase from 4.7Billion Dollars to 13.3Billion by 2020 as more and more states come on board. (1)

There Are More Uses For Marijuana then just Medicinal Purposes:

The other exciting thing to guys is the other uses for Marijuana such as using the hemp to make clothes, build houses and make paper is exciting side industry to and also something to watch out for in the future.

Does It Fit Your Money Rules?

What this means is there is growing room for investment and now is the time to start doing your Due Diligence.  If investing in Medical Marijuana fits your money rules and your personal integrity. We teach everyone at The Wealth Game to make sure they do their due diligence and investments fit their money rules. Why? Because our number one Foundation to Wealth is that you invest with integrity

I believe that medical marijuana could potentially not only change the US Economy. I believe with legalisation now in Australia, the potential for it to turn our economy around is massive as well and the potential to invest is very exciting.

So what to do with this information?

  • Start Your Research: You are responsible for what you invest in you need to do your research to see if this is right for you, your money rules and your end game
  • Seek Financial Advice from a Certified Financial Planner: Yes, you need to make sure it’s all above board before you put your money in
  • Look at Market Research Companies: They are a great source of information and usually up to date with what is happening in the industry.
  • Make a Decision: Once you are satisfied with your research and due diligence you can make a decision on what you would like to do.
  • Be Prepared that there is always a risk: Even though the potential in Medical Marijuana Industry potential is enormous in the US, Canada, and Australia there is always a risk with investing, and you need to be happy with what you are doing.

We get so excited here at The Wealth Game showing people what to look for and introducing exciting new markets. We love helping people, and I know we can help you take your wealth further than you ever imagined by joining our community.





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