Why women are the answer to your wealth

When it comes to finances men need to step aside and let the woman of the house take over.

Pfft…just kidding, no woman should ever be in charge of the finances.

For that matter, no man should either.


I’m not sure who was in charge when I was growing up as money was never brought up in any conversation I can remember, so that probably means one was so worried about the money they didn’t want to share the worry and put that on the kids so they don’t, and so then us kids grow up without a clue on how to discuss money.

So when one is in solely in charge, the other doesn’t have to share the worry or the angst that could be associated with the family finances.  Which reduces mature, adult communication about money and increases fear & anger and arguments about money.

However, what I am noticing more and more as we help families build, grow and accelerate their wealth is that things go to plan when the woman is involved and often taking the lead and the strongest winners are the ones who combine their skills and work together on the solution.

See us men tend to have too much ego and too much pride and are a bit too pig-headed to admit when we need to ask for help.  Women are much better at recognizing their limits and when to seek assistance either from their partner or a trusted professional.

So it goes, if we leave it to the men, money will be handled with stubbornness and ego, and left to the women it’s got limits. Either way, these aren’t gonna get you the life you want.

Without a doubt, when both men and women take equal responsibility for the family finances and combine their strengths they can be a force like no other.

Men, move over and give her a chance to contribute, you don’t and can’t know everything and some things truly do need a woman’s touch. Women, step up and take part, this is an opportunity to design and live your dream life.


Imagine a marriage that doesn’t have fights about money…because when there’s so much conscious conversation about it every day it never gets a chance to escalate. Things are dealt with immediately and together.

You might have to find something else to fight about now.

In our free events we hold from time to time, I have noticed the couples who have the females lead, are by far getting better results than the ones where the male, “thinks he knows all” attitude is in charge.  Here is why:

1. Women tend to be more open minded on information that they have not heard before
2. They know that what they are currently doing is not working and are willing to change
3. Are often very focused on doing things completely different to what their parents did, so are open to new ideas
4. Are willing to put in the effort and will not give up as quickly as most men
5. Are more likely to ask for help from the people who know, not their mates, not their parents but an expert in their field who can help because it’s their profession and it’s what they do.

So guys, if you want that life with the boat, the travel and all the toys you can dream of, move over and let her be a part of the wealth creation.

She might even stop buying all those shoes when she’s got more control 😉

Billie Robinson

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