Why saving for your retirement is costing you wealth now

Why the wealthy refuse to save for their retirement.

Saving for your retirement is the biggest mistake keeping you from becoming wealthy.

The working class is taught to save for their retirement while the wealthy invest for their financial freedom.  What I mean by this is, the working class will save their hard earned money after paying their bills. As long as something doesn’t come up then they will get to keep this money and will invest it at some point in the future. The wealthy will invest first and then look to pay bills once they have invested.  I know some will say well that’s easy for them they have money. However most started in the same place as you.

What you can do is look to trick your mind so that you invest some money first. For example how much does your rent need to go up before you will leave? Say your rent went up $50 per week, would you find another property to live in? If the answer is no I would find the $50 to stay then you have found $50 to invest. This trick has worked well for my clients and will work for well you too.

It is important to start investing as soon as you can. That way you will start to have money working for you rather than you working for money. By investing first, you also get to enjoy your wealth now.

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Billie Robinson

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