Why Not Believing in fairy tails and Unicorns is keeping you poor

We have all heard the saying “If it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is” Well not in all cases. You see wholesale investments are real and can be accessed by everyday people. You just have to believe.

What I mean by this is we are lead to believe that buying retail investments is the only safe way to save for retirement. That is Ok if you want to retire in 25,30 or 40 years.  However by understanding that the wealthy buy their investments wholesale, they get to enjoy their wealth now and in the future. It is a fundament shift in your investment strategy that will bring forward being able to retire from the system sooner.

This is important to understand because, if you don’t start to believe that fairy tales and unicorns exist, then you will be chained to your job for 40 years.  Wholesale investing is buying quality assets at a discounted price. Quality assets at a discounted price. It allows you to buy more assets sooner and add additional income streams that you don’t have to work for.  The more income your assets make, the quicker you can escape the system and live life.

The main reason why we don’t believe in unicorns and fairy tails is because the nasty ogre we call “middle men” don’t want you to. They profit TODAY from you buying retail investments. They want you to think that making $40k, $60k and even $100k when you buy a property is to good to be true and there for must live in the land of fairy tales and unicorns.

But it is true and wholesale investments are being bought every day buy people that believe and take action on gaining the knowledge, getting access and joining like minded people who do believe in fairy tales and ride unicorns. It is not make believe and if you keep thinking it is, then you will stay poor, or at best retire in 40 years on the pension.

To learn more on how you too can gain access to wholesale investing, join us at our next event.

Billie Robinson

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