How To Have A Shrine Built In Your Name By Making Life Easy Through Asset Protection

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A week ago I invited Lars Huttner to do a presentation to The Wealth Game community to do a presentation on Asset Protection. Lars is the Brains behind Australis Wealth and is all over asset protection like a rash. So the blog is written by Lars, who can turn asset protection into the most fun you ever had. Over to you Lars,

Asset Protection

Asset Protection is not a subject I like talking about, it’s not the fun part of investing, but eventually you are going to croak, so you need to make sure everything is up to date, so your loved ones are protected, and enough money left over after everything is paid for to build a shrine in your honour.

The truth is that once you have a partner, children. House and businesses you need to make sure you are protected if anything should happen to you. I have seen so many people be relieved from the stress of having a loved one pass or be permanently injured to know they have more than enough to cover the cost of medical care, ongoing care, funeral costs, paying off the mortgage and general living costs. It can also allow the partner to take leave from work for a considerable time and care for you if need be.

Asset Protection through insurance is one way to assure continued care.

You have

Life Insurance: Money paid out in the event of your croaking to your spouse or nominated member to cover any costs, debts or fantabulous state funeral you have planned and exotic mausoleum built to look like the Death Star from Star Wars. All jokes aside, Life Insurance does make your passing a lot easier on those who are left behind, so they do not have to worry. I have seen over my years as a Financial Planner people’s lives made easy, and I have seen people almost sent broke and had to sell all their assets to make ends meet as well as grieve the loss of someone they loved. Make sure it’s the first one and not the latter. It’s cruel to leave your loved ones destitute and stressed at a time when they need to grieve.

Total Permanent Disability: Unfortunately you may have an accident that may leave you unable to work ever again. This money is paid out to cover your lost wages and any ongoing medical expenses you may incur. These funds will allow you to maintain the lifestyle you had before and may allow your partner to take time off work to care for you.

Income Protection: Critical to have especially if you have a business and for some reason, you can’t work.  Or you get sick and need an extended period off work, but you are expected to make a full – comeback. This will cover the cost of living and medical expenses and help you and your family get by without the stress or worry about where the money is coming from.

Having an Up-To-Date Will: All though it’s also a yucky thing to do and no one likes doing it if you wish to have that State Funeral or Shrine erected in your name this needs to get done. Do not assume that just because you die that all assets just automatically go to your other half. You may have children from a previous marriage that need to be provided for or an ex-partner that you have not removed from your old will that could still have a claim. A will stops a lot of unnecessary headaches that could be avoided if you make sure it’s up to date.


Why insurance is not the most exciting subject in the world, and it is necessary that you are covered so your family doesn’t have to sell off everything to cover your medical costs or your untimely death. Yu need to make sure your financial house is in order. Even though you are more than likely to cruise through life it’s better to plan for the worst and expect the best. Let me help you get that shrine built in your honor and protect your family why you are at it.

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Lars Huttner


Well, there you have it. I can not stress enough how important it is to have your foundations set and in order. I am alsways harping on about it to The Wealth Game community and that is because I have seen so many people left high and dry without a dollar and the stress it causes. Get it done and sorted. You’ll be glad you did!



Mark Robinson





Mark Robinson

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