If you HAVE to turn up to work tomorrow, your wealth strategy is broken

Let me show you why going to work tomorrow proves your wealth strategy is broken.

The old working class definition of “blue collar” is well and truly over. My definition is anyone who has to turn up for work (self-employed as well) tomorrow to fund their current life style is “Working Class.” This is important to you because once you understand it you can take steps to put the hard work of getting up in the morning to good use. It’s all about allowing your money to work harder than you do.

Wealthy people buy assets that create cash flow for them to buy more assets to enjoy now. Working class people live pay cheque to pay cheque and buy luxuries first. Wealthy buy luxuries last. It is this small yet significant difference that traps the working class in the rat race forever. Now I am not saying you can get out of the rat race over night. You do need to plan and make some small changes that will impact on your life in a positive way.

Gaining knowledge in this area is simple to do at our next event.

Billie Robinson

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