How The 6 Pillars Of Health Will Give You The Leading Edge

Hey guys,

I can honestly say these 6 Pillars of Health have saved my life and skyrocketed my wealth. For the first time in a long time, the team and I  at The Wealth Game are feeling f**king fantastic, and that is because our health and fitness are finally under control and improving every day.  With this I have noticed I’m better at making decisions, I have more energy, and I feel better about myself, and my wealth has grown. My wealth increased because I felt so much better about myself and this trickled into every area of my life.

The 6 Pillars have helped me get my health under control, and here they are to help you:


One of the keys is to get your butt moving doing something every day. Resistance training is imperative as well as getting your cardio and stretching in. You don’t have to kill yourself going for a walk can be what invigorates you.  As well as stretching out in front of the tv watching your favourite show. Getting to the gym two to three times a week for a hard train for 30min to an hour can leave your metabolism boosted for hours, and you can think more clearly and make better decisions when your body is healthy.

Proper Nutrition

I always found the food part one of the most confusing until Luke Edgell, founder of Edge Performance, explained it to me in a nice and easy way that my family and could manage. Luke gave me one thing to change a week, and I didn’t get overwhelmed. This is the list he gave me:

           A) Eat more veggies can be from fresh (best) or frozen sources

B) Eat adequates amount of protein with each meal (you need 20g  of protein per 1.8kilos of body weight).

C) Get Good Fats into your diets like Omega 3’s and monounsaturated fats from Avocado, coconut, and nuts.

D) Eat as little unprocessed food as possible

E) Keep It Simple so you can have as much success as possible

 Stress Management

Keeping your stress levels under control is paramount. When stress is out of control, it can lead to burn out.                 So make sure you meditate do yoga or something you enjoy once a week so you can get centered, calm and stay on top of things. Luke tells me it vital to connect with nature once a week to keep harmful stress at bay, and many studies have shown that those who get into nature regularly are less stressed. This is a major key to keeping your wealth too. If you are sick and unhealthy, then there is no time to look after your wealth or enjoy it.


For your optimal performance, you need to get sleep. Sleep is not given enough credit in our society. It is one of the many things that gets pushed aside, and we even celebrate the fact when we give it up. We all know we function better with adequate sleep between 6-8hours a night. With an excellent nights sleep, our decision-making skills become better, our reflexes are sharper, and we are in a better mood. To make sure you have an adequates nights sleep you can take some magnesium before bed. Have a very dark room and keep your bedroom temperature between 18-21 degrees.


Hydration is paramount to the human body for it to function on all levels. Water helps us to think, not become sluggish and keep the brain turning over. To calculate what you need it is One litre of Water per 30kg of body weight.


Luke is always on about me about mindset. While I had a great mindset towards my wealth my mindset towards my health was not good. He taught me to look at my values, where my mindset around health had come from? Who were the six people I hung around and were they healthy or were they out every weekend pissing on? I had to take stock and start having a really good look at myself. I changed each thing one by one not all overnight, and I’m getting better every day.


There you have it. Your health just as important as your wealth and it’s critical to grow the two is the key to having a great life.


Cheers Mark

Mark Robinson

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