Goal Setting Got You Stumped? 5 Simple Steps To Getting What You Want

Goals. Those important things we set every January 1 and forget about by January 15. This is usually because we set goals that we think should be set and are often about what someone else is doing. You know the one, the token goal every year “I’m going to run a marathon!” because, you know, everyone does right?? Ha, not!

To be successful at achieving our goals it needs to be about our targets and what suits our game plan. No-one else’s. After all, it’s your life.

As I said, it is your life, and you need to know what your goals are, or end game, to get to what you want.

Here are 5 Easy Steps To Help You To Reach Your Goals and Ultimately Success

1. Always Start with The End In Mind.


You need to know where it is your going. What is it you want to achieve? So start by building your end game with that awesome goal you want to achieve in mind. You know the one, that one thing that you have always wanted to go and try or do is where you need to start with your goals. Maybe you have always wanted to do travel to a certain destination, or buy a fast car, anything you want but never believed possible. Well, guess what? It is now time to start believing. Having a clear End Game will help you pursue your goals so you can live the life you want, which is what The Wealth Game is all about. Write them all down and then pick your top priority to achieve. Once you have picked your priority goal, this is where it gets exciting.

2. Know How Much Money You Will Need TO Achieve The Goal.

You will need to know how much money you will need to achieve your aim. Sometimes this can be very overwhelming if you need a lot of money to take that dream holiday or follow that dream career. Don’t feel disheartened because it may seem so far away all you need to is start small and dream big. Is going to be a yearly cost or a one of the cost?

3. Set an End Date For The Goal


Once you know what you want to achieve set a date to make it by, your brain loves direction. You need to lead it where it will go. By giving yourself an end date, you can start to think of ways you can achieve your goal rather than how you can get out of this.



4. State The Goal In An “As Now” Statement

Once you know what you want, and your have an end date, you can now set the target as if it has already been achieved. For example “It is now, 17 May 2018, and I now have a passive income of $50,000 per year, and I am excitedly getting on a plane for a six-month holiday in Europe.” Adding emotion to the goal as well really makes you connected. You can feel it.

5. Pick An Investment Strategy


Here at The Wealth Game, we can then help you choose the best investment strategy to help achieve your goal. Once you know what your goal is and what your position is we can then assist you to put a step by step plan together to help you achieve the life you want.

Have Fun with building your End Game and Remember it is Your Life to Build Your Way


Billie Robinson

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