Case Study Peter and Ida

Peter and Ida have worked their entire life in “The System” and worked hard as that was all they knew. This couple, who are now in their 60’s, were facing a lifestyle that was Ok, but quite frankly not what they wanted.

Just after they started working with us Peter had a heart attack after entering a fun run (this is why I don’t run). Peter said that if he wasn’t running next to two nurses he would not be with us right now.  So here is a guy who has worked hard all his life and when, unfortunately he gets sick, his income stopped.

Once he recovered we helped Peter and Ida increase their wealth through just one of our strategies, wholesale property. Within four months they have added $200K in equity with four properties in four months. All properties are positively geared (putting money into your pocket).

The average person saves $193K over their life time for their retirement. Peter and Ida made more than this in just four months. Repeat; Peter and Ida made more in four months using our wholesale investment strategy than most people save for their retirement in their life time.

These strategies are simple to learn and implement, however you do need access to them. To find out how they work and where you can access them, come along to our next event.

Billie Robinson

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