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Authentic Leadership – is it really authentic?

I saw an ad, or an article, somewhere recently about “authentic leadership”. The title went something like, “Authentic leadership is the new buzz word. Want to learn how to be authentic?” Now that alone made me 1. crack up and 2. stop reading. If you need to learn to be authentic good for you, but […]

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Goal setting, sets you up for success

There is one easy rule that will have you on the right path to achieve success. It is seriously a very simple rule, most people have heard about it, but still 95% of people do not do it, and fail in attaining their goals. Quite simply it is Formulate specific, clear, and timely goals and […]

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Minimalist thinking to saving money.

Minimalism living has many advantages, for me one of the most attractive ones is the increased ability to saving money.There are a lot of ways and approaches to save cash and all is dependent upon a few things like – the area you live, your everyday expenditure, how much you earn, how you were brought […]

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Investing Basics: The Power of Compounding

With a little bit of patience and some time, compounding profits can help grow a portfolio greatly. Compounding is reinvesting earned interest again into an investment. As you reinvest this interest, your investments can grow exponentially over time. Exponential growth is the outcome of letting interest compound over time. This proposal could be a little […]

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The week I went back to school!

The week I went back to school, well, not really I spent a week mentoring year ten students at Australian Business Week. Our team won “Best Trade Show” and “Best Oral Presentation”. While we didn’t win overall (team six did. Their mentor was in IT for the legal profession. They did things by the book […]

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It’s not all about the money!

It’s not all about the money.  Money, however, does give you more options and if anyone who thinks otherwise is kidding themselves. It’s the way the world works right now. We have the technology for 90% of humans to live a life they want and not have to work 40 to 60 plus hours a […]

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Introduction To Cryptocurrencies

There’s a lot of buzz around cryptocurrencies right now, and no wonder because it’s changing the world in a big way. But what is ‘crypto’, and what opportunities are available to you right now? So to help you get started, I’ve recorded a 4-part video series. In this first first video you’ll discover: > A brief […]

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