8 Simple Steps To Get You Out Of Stuck And Go With The Flow!

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I can tell you that over the years as a money mindset coach that I have watched so many people get on their journey towards wealth, only to lose their way, become ungrounded and stop or sabotage what they are doing because they got scared and couldn’t move forward.

As a coach, I have helped many people through their fears with eight simple steps to get from flight or fight to moving forward in calm action

  1. Define Your Life:

    Look at the five major areas of your life your Health, Self, Wealth, Family and Fun and ask yourself, what does each area mean for you? What purpose does it have in your life? What order is each priority? Answer each question and write it down. Knowing how you want to define your life will help you move forward in the right direction.

  2. Identify Your World:

    When you have established the major areas of your life, you need to then really identify with where you are at. Look at where you are in each of the areas in your life but most importantly look at what is already positive and what is negative. Keep the positive parts and discard or change what you deem is negative. Look very carefully at each area in case you have missed something. Remember there is nothing wrong or right about how you live only you know what you need to change or keep.

  3. Acknowledge That You Are Already Doing Good Things:

    Here it is time to give you a pat on the back for what you are already doing that is going well in your life. Look at what is already working. Maybe you are sticking to a great eating plan, or you have saved your first thousand dollars to invest, your sticking to a budget or you have allocated time to spend with family, and you are sticking with it. When you take the time to acknowledge what you are doing right, you have the confidence to keep moving forward with your goals. You know you can change, but it’s also good to stop and smell the roses from time to time.

  4. Tweak It A Little:

    Now that you have had a chance to enjoy the good things you are doing its time to look at where you need to tweak it a little. What areas are you avoiding, deny or procrastinating on? And what could use some adjusting to get even better? Small tweaks help us keep moving forward. Small tweaks help us face our fears and not get stuck because a “thing” should run in a certain way. Tweaking allows you to be flexible on how you get to your destination and maneuver through life’s inevitable obstacles and challenges.

  5. Leverage Off Your Experience:

    What experiences in life have you gone through that you can now leverage off those lessons and help others leverage of those lessons? What are the lessons and the wisdom you learned that you can now apply to the new situation? Use your life experiences, goals you have achieved and obstacles you have overcome to help you make wiser decisions about money, health or relationships. Reflecting back and understanding the lessons in each situation either good or not so good helps to ensure the same mistakes are not repeated.

  6. Accept Yourself:

    Get to know and accept yourself as you are. There is no wrong or right way to be there is just doing the best you can with what you have, and you can always get better from here. Sometimes though our behaviour is out of sync with our natural tendencies when we’re trying to be someone we’re not. When this happens we get off-centre and shaky and generally things stop flowing.  When you can first identify what’s not working so well and then figure out your natural tendencies that you can employ in these situations, you can then get the same results doing things in your own unique way. The end result is all that matters, how you get there or how anyone gets there is their own unique business.

  7. Reflect and Grow:

    Have a process to regularly reflect on your life, and how it is going according to your plan. This keeps
    you grounded, certain, confident and powerful. Regular reflections provide the opportunity to
    tweak or change what’s necessary to keep you on track and growing.

  8. Create Your Life Rules:

    As you do with your money rules, create your life rules so you can continue to live your life congruently and with your highest values.



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Mark Robinson

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